Darkness Falls

by Aeons Abyss

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The music for this song was written sometime between 1991 and 1993.

Can a place hold a memory?

To recall an event often transports us to the location of its occurrence, stirring shadows and emanating stench seared on our subconscious.

Does the reverse hold? Are there places that manifest the torment there witnessed, or are ghosts mere figments of the mind predisposed to discern faces from the play of light and shade?

Darkness Falls tells of one such haunt from where daylight is banished leaving unspeakable horrors to lurk in occult niches, palpable with night grown incarnate, its appetite insatiable.

Aeons Abyss is an independent studio project Death Metal band based in Melbourne, & South Australia, Australia. The single Darkness Falls (2019) is their third release and will also feature on the upcoming album "Impenitent", to be released in the later half of 2019.

Members: Paul O'Brien - Vocals & Lyrics
Steven O'Brien - Music & Mixing


Darkness Falls

The windowless rooms hoards shadows, a dark form materialises
Resplendent against the background gloom I imagine it a fine lace curtain
Pierced with pinpricks of sunlight from a flaw in the rear wall
I run into it underestimating its girth
It enshrouds me tepid, damp, cloying my skin
Repulsive with a texture of flesh

Darkness shimmers from the countenance of the dead
Splashed muddily behind sightless eyes
Fractal traces of ruptured blood vessels snake blue beneath a waxy complexion
Horrified features lay forever fixed into scowling masks of terror

Human trophies, random relics of dismembered anatomy
Bear silent witness to murder

Darkness overspills the insane mind, spawning carnage
Enter the charnel house, parlour of desecration
Tired and corrupted remains butchered into perverted forms
Paint a portrait of evil, of madness radiated hotly within the
Cloying with the touch of cold flesh
Its bilious taste of risen gorge
Ear shattering silence sounds the dead’s screams

Bodily shapes rent and distorted into unrecognised forms lay
I flee to the adjoined annex and there the scene is the same
Blood and death fill every niche
Corpses tortured beyond death, limbs dismembered
The house looms about me
A human abattoir with yet more ghoulish secrets awaiting discovery

Darkness festers in comfort
Amid emptiness harbouring unspeakable suffering
Mutilation’s image overwhelms risen forwards to attack the senses
Death itself stirs to predate
Disembodied hands hooked as talons, stalking
Darkness consumes


released July 5, 2019
Music composed by Steven O'Brien and Adam O'Brien. Lyrics by Paul O'Brien.

Vocals recorded by Paul O'Brien, music recorded and mixed by Steven O'Brien.

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - USA



all rights reserved



Aeons Abyss Melbourne, Australia

Aeons Abyss formed in 2017 for a recording project commencing with music written in the early to mid nineties under the band name Cataclysm.

The music of Aeons Abyss can be described as melodic riff driven Death Metal, with transcendent solos and sophisticated lyrics that explore philosophical ethics through genre relevant analogies.
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